Interview with INDOMITE

Indomite - Band 01

Buenas tardes INDOMITE and welcome to the interview. I congratulate you to the release of your debut Theater Of Time. You are quite unknown in Europe, why I want to ask you to introduce yourself.

Hello and thank you for having us. We are INDOMITE a power/prog sextet from Colombia. We've been around since 2008, we have recorded and released two demos in Spanish, the later called Espejo y Realidad from 2011. Our debut album named Theater of Time was released in Colombia on November 2012 and in Europe on February 2013 trough Norse Music. And here we are :)

How all of you became musicians and how INDOMITE was found?

We come from different musical backgrounds. Our Keyboardist CARLOS ORTIZ has more of a classical education and our vocalist SANTIAGO GIRALDO did guitar studies when he was younger; but the rest of us are empirical players and musicians for the most part. INDOMITE was founded on 2008 when JUAN CARLOS SANCHEZ (guitars and grunts), JOSUE VELEZ (bass) and me, MAURICIO QUINTERO (Drums) got together trough a common friend with the idea of playing heavy metal, as we got to know each other more we realized we had strong common goals and influences, and decided to keep evolving our style and adding members to get to where we are today. Our latest addition to the gang is SANTIAGO BETANCUR (Guitars), I knew this guy from school and had played with him then; he joined us for Theater of Time recordings on late 2011.

How does it feel to hold your own record for the first time in your hands?

It was a lifelong dream come true for us; we were really excited and we're happy you guys enjoy it so much!

If you reflecting your debut Theater Of Time on your own, did you get the result that you had been looking for or did you enter the studio without special propositions?

We had very clear ideas on what we wanted it to sound like since the record is in part self produced; but of course we had some ideas on the studio and they ended up decorating the final product. Whenever we're in a place that allows us to exploit our creativity such as the studio we always end up adding more spice to the dish. Also we released this album with the intention to be heard by as many people from as many places possible, signing with Norse Music, did certainly aid that purpose, and our music has gone to places we would otherwise find difficult, well i would say that realistically we've accomplished may things beyond our expectations. I think our first record took us to places we would have never imagined, like the pages of this interview.

Your first album Theatre Of Time feels pretty European to me while there are many different noticeable. How would you describe your debut?

We hear that about our album a lot, and we're definitely moving towards a more international sound, but as European metal bands sound the best we feel flattered to be compared to them. I would describe our debut as our first try at something extraordinary. We didn't have any support from record, or promotion labels, we didn't have a manager and we were very inexperienced in the music business. This debut is really our try to give our absolute best with the resources we had in hand at the time.

Which bands are having an direct impact on your music? Who are your idols?

We love DREAM THEATER and ANGRA, I would definitely say that those bands are our strongest influences as well as our personal idols; but we also like RUSH, SYMPHONY X, MYRATH, PORCUPINE TREE and every other prog band we get to hear. Lately CIRCUS MAXIMUS' Nine has been kind of a band's favorite.

It is very rare that we can welcome metal band of Columbia here in middle Europe. What can you tell us about the metal scene in Columbia?

Well it is not as great as yours, I can assure you that. There are some festivals that are good and that's what we are aiming for right now. Colombia is kind of a lacking country in much aspects and the metal scene is one of those.

The songs on your debut are completely written in English. Do also think about singing one song in Spanish?

We have in the past sung in Spanish but we have more universal thoughts about our music and we think English is a very good language to convey ideas even for people from different parts of the globe, as this interview demonstrates. :)

After the release of your debut, are there also plans for a tour?

We are currently looking for a manager and for concerts outside Colombia, but unfortunately we haven't been able to schedule any as for now. As we haven't been having many gigs we decided to do a video for "Reach The Stars" that will be uploaded soon and are focused on writing a second album to be released on early 2014, we've matured much since Theater of time and we want you guys to be witnesses of the progress we've accomplished.

With these words I wanna INDOMITE and many greeting over to Columbia.