DAMNATION ANGELS Interview (English)

Damnation Angels - Band 02Hallo and good evening to WILLIAM GRANEY of the DAMNATION ANGELS. How does it feel, when your debut Bringer Of Light receives so many acclaimed critics all over Europe?

Good evening to you! It's really great, the whole critical response to the album has been amazing. When we see so many fans and critics enjoying the album it spurs us on to write more and more. We're already working on a follow up as we speak!

Did you ever thought about so many positive reactions?

Well we thought we were on to something with the album but you never know how people will respond to it. We just wanted to make the best album we possibly could.

What can you tell us about the fact, that your debut was first released in Japan in March 2012 and that it hit Europe almost a year later?

Well we never intended for that to happen, we were hoping to release the album worldwide just after Japan but simply negotiations with labels for the worldwide release took a lot longer than anticipated throwing the whole thing off a bit. It won't happen that way next time.

Is there a special Song on Bringer Of Light which has a special meaning for you?

I'd say "Pride (The Warrior's Way)" is my kind of special song on the album, it doesn't particularly have a special meaning to me but I do hold it close as far as songs go. I feel that it's our most powerful and moving song both lyrically and musically. It's also the song that in some ways put us on the map, when we released the promo video for it in 2012 the response it got was amazing and it still continues to receive thousand and thousands of views on youtube. It really does have a special place in my heart.

While listening to Bringer Of Light I recognized that it is composed quite mature. How do you write such an experienced album?

Well I've been writing songs since I first started in bands back in 2003 and so even though I'm young in the industry, I'd say I was relatively mature as I writer or maybe maturing is a better term. I guess that will to always strive to be and write better is maybe where the maturity comes from on the album. I've wrote some terrible songs in the past and I think you really do have to be your own critic in this business. Also a lot of the songs have been nutured and developed over quite some time so that helps as well.

How do you write your songs in general? I mean, who is writing the lyrics, who is responsible for the music?

I write both the music and lyrics, there is outside input but that generally comes in when we record in the studio. I've always found writing to be quite a personal thing, you know you have an idea of where and how you want the song to go and also what you're trying to put across. Too many people getting involved can lead to people wanting to put things into the songs to please egos etc..

Which influences would you name as primary inspiration for your music?

Well I've always been influenced by METALLICA and IRON MAIDEN, you know classic metal/rock etc but lately it's been a lot more film score and classical music. In our early years we were heavily influenced by the top runners of the genre, you know KAMELOT and NIGHTWISH, but in making our debut and finding our own sound we're moving away from this. On our next album we don't want people making comparisons to KAMELOT in particular as we believe we have our own sound.

What can you tell me about the future of the DAMNATION ANGELS? What are your plans for the next albums and tours?

The main thing we're looking to arrange at the moment is a European tour, we've got a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment to ensure this. We're growing as a band massively worldwide and we really want to be able to get out there and play for everyone, we've enlisted the help of Intromental booking/management to help us do this.

I thank the DAMNATION ANGELS and for the views into the band they gave us. Many thanks to you guys.

It's my pleasure, thanks for the interview!