Los Angeles, the „City Of Angels“ in California, was in the 1980s the nutrient solution for lots of hard metal stuff. And untill today the city is home and origin of good rock music; just like the guys of BLACKLIGHT REVELATION.

The trio came to life by guitar player and singer MARCUS AURELIUS and drummer LONNY SIMPKINS in the end of 2008. Just a short time later bass player and vocalist ANDY NARDINE completed the band.
Different as the big mainstream tenor BLACKLIGHT REVELATION are going back to the core of good heavy metal by playing classic metal in the style of the late 1970s with a dirty, solid and dusty sound.

And that BLACKLIGHT REVELATION are going to get to the big time, it is proved by early tours and shows throu Southern California, where they have played with such bands like GOOD CHARLOTTE, HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD, THE ADOLESCENTS and MAD SIN. And this by just one EP called Ars Longa, Vita Brevis which is available since 2009.
In the same way they got also good reactions in the media. Ars Longa, Vita Brevis got throughout good critics, several radio stations like, X103.9, 91.3FM, KRAB Radio, KUCI, KXLU, KNAC Internet radio, KUSF, KSJS, 90.7fm and KZSZ became observant and finally their qualities on stage were complimented quite well.

Sure, so much impression and respect won`t be hidden from overseas too. Nethertheless BLACKLIGHT REVELATION are also streching their antenna to Europe. For reason they are currently working on their second record which will be released in end of July, beginning of August 2011. In addition BLACKLIGHT REVELATION are even preparing themselves for their first European tour which takes place in the early 2012.