THE BARSTOOL SAINTS is a new thunder-rock formation from Kalifornia, USA, and they are present to conquering the USA and Europe with their new Album.

The band was founded in 2008 as a project to perform old acoustic songs in proper style and the dusty charme oft he originals. But soon the thought developed to create driving as well as fat rock music. And that was the point THE BARSTOOL SAINTS were born! That means KEVIN MEANS at the driving bass, JARED ROARK at the hard drums, the bad e-guitars of PETE LAGER and JEROME ROARK and JASON BACHINSKI with his powerful voice on the microphone.

THE BARSTOOL SAINTS playing with an unbelieveable snotty sound a true thunder roller between fast rock and hard metal. DIZZY REID from GUNS N´ ROSES compared the band once with the words „DANZIG meets SOCIAL DISORTION“. In doing the so the comparison doesn`t result by nothing. The guys are playing fast, melodic and with a high catchy tune. Recently THE BARSTOOL SAINTS were compared with VOLBEAT, where you can call the rockabilly as one of the few commonnesses, cause it breaks through in both bands and deserving them a catchy sound.

With their 2009 debut album The Barstool Saints the Band could earn some respectable success. In the USA it was toured extensive and they played gigs with bands like CALABRESE, ADEMA, THE CREEPSHOW, DR. KNOW, DI, THE KOFFIN KATS, THE CHOP TOPS, THE COLD BLUE REBELS, CALABRESE, SIX, TUFF, THE DWARVES, THE HAPTONES and THE VOODOO GLOW SKULLS. THE BARSTOOL SAINTS have been featured on 106.1 FM KRAB, 102.7 FM KSSI, 88.1 FM KZSC, 91.5 FM KRUX, 1230 AM Las Vegas and numerous online stations. In Bakotopia Magazine, OC Weekly and Las Vegas Insider well-positive articles about the band were published.

Back then rock- and metal fans in Europe got advertenced from the new American rock monster by The Barstool Saints, what will growing essentially more by their second album Bad Habits. The band is promising an even more brute sound, even more hard material, but also a more sophisticated songwriting, more finesse and more depth. The songs are longer, faster and even more catchy. Also there is an unplugged-track which punctuates their roots in acoustic and accents the class of THE BARSTOOL SAINTS. No question; THE BARSTOOL SAINTS are calling for a big international offensive! At the moment the band is resting for some moths due to familial reasons. After that the Californians are planning a tour through the USA and a visit to Europe can absolutely not be excluded.
But until THE BARSTOOL SAINTS can be seen live on stage, Bad Habits is the ideal album to comfort above the waiting time. Though Bad Habits came out in April 2011. Review coming soon.

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PETE LAGER (Gitarre, Management und Booking)
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